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You can access this page because you have a role in takatū that gives you permissions to do things that normal users (Learners) can't do. The My Tools tab gives you links to tools to help with this. The links you can see are controlled by which role(s) you have.

If you need different access from what you currently have, or want help giving access to another user, please contact the Site Administrator.

Site Administrator

All powerful and not to be crossed. Can fix anything or deliver untold havoc.

Regional Administrator

A system-wide role that allows you to manage regional training and support users. This includes being able to edit user account details, view a range of reports, and give others the roles Trainer and Course Builder. Regional Administrators are also automatically give Course Builder permissions.

Course Builder

This role allows the user to edit course content. It only operates within the In Development course category, which is where we build and test courses before they are published.


The Trainer role can be given to people who administer or deliver courses. It allows them to see reports on completions and who is booked for sessions, and to add and administer face-to-face sessions. Under very limited circumstances this role can be be upgraded to Editing Trainer, which provides the user limited ability to edit content in a live course.
Last modified: Friday, 6 April 2018, 12:32 PM