What is takatū?

Launched on 1 July 2016, takatū is the free learning portal for civil defence emergency management in New Zealand. The site is external facing, hosted by the National Emergency Management Agency and made available to the 16 Civil Defence Emergency (CDEM) Groups to create, upload, access and track courseware and other resources. Members of the public may view selected content, however some parts of the site are restricted to CDEM professionals or approved users, the only requirement for a new learner to to have a RealMe account.

What can I do in takatū?

You can access online courses (e-learning) or sign up to face to face workshops happening in your region.  takatū also has a community aspect allowing you to connect with your peers around the country. New courses and resources will be added regularly so check back and have a regular look around.

Why the name takatū?

During the development of this learning portal we searched for a name to identify with our Māori heritage, its intended function and audience. The result was takatū which reflects in a single word the purpose of this learning portal - translated in to English as ‘be prepared/ be ready’.

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