Courses linked to EMIS (Emergency Management Information System) and other related systems.

     This course is for personnel who are potentially going to work in an activated Coordination Centre in response to an emergency. It is part of a national framework of training and aims to provide an introduction to the Coordination Centre environment. 

Emergency Mobile Alerts (EMA) will be used in emergencies by authorised government agencies including National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), CDEM Groups, MoH, API, NA Police and Fire and Emergency NZ, when an urgent notification is required to inform communities of a serious threat.  Alerts will be pushed to mobile devices in specific areas and provide information about an emergency to the public more reliably than ever before, strengthening New Zealands emergency response systems.  Use of EMA will help agencies to provide appropriate lead time to allow the public to take action wkith a greater potential to reduce risk to life and property.  National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) will be the custodian of the system.

     This course is designed to prepare you to use EMIS in an EOC. The course covers; Accessing and Navigation in EMIS, Working with messages and Tasks, Viewing Situation Reports and Action Plans, Uploading documents, Viewing Maps, and Accessing User Guides.

      This course is for anyone required to work  in a Coordination Centre where EMIS is used.  This course will cover introductory EMIS navigation and use.