This is a Workplace First Aid course. Participents who sucessfully complete all parts of the course will be awarded the NZQA unit standards:

6400 Manage first aid in an emergency situation Level 3 Credits 2

6401 Provide first aid Level 2 Credits 1

6402 Provide basic life support Level 1 Credits 1

This course has been developed for personnel who are potentially going to work in an activated Coordination Centre in response to an emergency. It is part of a national framework of training and aims to provide an introduction to the Coordination Centre environment. 

Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of CDEM acronyms!  The quiz will take about 5mins. 

Emergency Incidents create stressful situations.  Emergency Management workers need to be aware of the potential for harm as a consequence.


This online course for staff working in a Co-ordination Centre during an emergency looks at

  • sources of stress 
  • the potential reach of impact 
  • the effects of stress 
  • recognising stress 
  • management and control of stress


This two day face to face session is a combination of workshops, guest speakers and activities designed to help new EMOs better understand their role in emergency management. Meet experienced and other new EMOs to share insights and network.

On this course page you'll find links through to other resources such as videos, podcasts, scenarios, etc...

New Zealand’s entire coast is at risk of tsunami. A tsunami can violently flood coastlines, causing devastating property damage, injuries and loss of life.  Knowing about the three types of tsunami and the warnings can help you.  

Be a Survivor!

 Learning objectives:

  • Identify the 3 types of Tsunami
  • Know the different warnings for tsunami
  • Know what to do if a tsunami happens